Birthday Weekend

Hey guys!! I’m currently in Atlanta for the Drake & Migos concert. I’m blogging my outfit for you guys. I went with a cute comfortable outfit. My friends & I have floor tickets. We will be standing the entire time :(. I wore a black sheer body suit from Fashion Nova. I can’t remember how much I paid for it. The orange camouflage pants are from a boutique online store. The boutique is called Laura’s Boutique. The pants are called “Mandy Camo Pant” for $42.99. The shipping fee was $10. So overall, I paid $52.99. These pants are so cute to me. It reminds me of Kim Possible. I love that there are pockets. I literally put everything in my pockets lol. The shoes are my Platform Vans. These shoes came in handy for the concert. My feet didn’t hurt lol. I really enjoyed the concert! The best concert I’ve ever been to. I had a good view! I took a few pictures from the concert. I’ll add them. Best birthday ever :). P.S. I thought I posted my blog last night but it didn’t publish.

13 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. I’ve been wanting to see this show sooo bad but haven’t been able to get tickets! I bet it was great. I would prefer to have a seat because I like to be able to sit down when my back and feet start to hurt. lol But you were able to get really close!


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