A Night Out At Discovery

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! I went out this previous weekend at Discovery with my friends. I’m here to blog about my outfit I wore. I kept it simple but cute. I forgot to wear a jacket so I got sick from going out. 😦 My shirt is from Fashion Nova. It is a crop top. It is called “Honey I’m Home” Tee in the color mustard. It is very true to size. The material is good quality. My skirt is from Forever 21. I can’t remember how much it cost. I believe I paid $17.90 for it. I don’t really like this skirt if you’re going to dance a lot. The skirt rises up extremely bad. The shoes I wore are my checkered Vans in the color red. They are $60. You can buy these shoes from Journeys, Zumiez, Urban Outfitters, etc. I love these shoes. They are comfortable too. Overall, I had a good time. As always, I hope you guys liked my outfit! 🙂


Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog. I’m blogging my outfit for the day. I’m very causal today. It is extremely windy outside! I’m wearing my fashion nova jacket and Vans from my previous blog. I’m wearing my checkered crossbody purse. The shirt I am wearing is a shirt I got from the concert. I bought it for $20 from the Black Market (people who design shirts & sell them outside of the event for a low price). I’ll include pictures of the front & back of the shirt. The leggings are from Fashion Nova. They are called “Wanderlust Leggings” in the color black. They are $19.99. These leggings are extremely comfortable but they did shrink. If you are tall, I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the dryer. It is best to let them air dry. Hope you guys like my outfit & hope you all had a good thanksgiving break! 🙂

Birthday Weekend

Hey guys!! I’m currently in Atlanta for the Drake & Migos concert. I’m blogging my outfit for you guys. I went with a cute comfortable outfit. My friends & I have floor tickets. We will be standing the entire time :(. I wore a black sheer body suit from Fashion Nova. I can’t remember how much I paid for it. The orange camouflage pants are from a boutique online store. The boutique is called Laura’s Boutique. The pants are called “Mandy Camo Pant” for $42.99. The shipping fee was $10. So overall, I paid $52.99. These pants are so cute to me. It reminds me of Kim Possible. I love that there are pockets. I literally put everything in my pockets lol. The shoes are my Platform Vans. These shoes came in handy for the concert. My feet didn’t hurt lol. I really enjoyed the concert! The best concert I’ve ever been to. I had a good view! I took a few pictures from the concert. I’ll add them. Best birthday ever :). P.S. I thought I posted my blog last night but it didn’t publish.

My 22nd Birthday​

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. My 22nd birthday was on Wednesday. I’m going to show you guys my birthday outfit that I came up with. It was extremely cold and it was snowing! Overall, I did have a good birthday and I celebrated it with my friends. I wanted to be extra and wear a birthday girl shirt lol. Surprisingly, I found one at Forever 21 for $9.90 in the color pink and black. I had to get it as soon as I saw it! I wore my leather skirt that you all saw in my previous blog. I am wearing it with the zipper in the back again. I wanted to do fishnet tights with the outfit. I found fishnet tights from Walmart a few minutes before I went to my birthday dinner. They are $6. I wanted to be comfortable so I decided to wear tennis shoes. I wore the Adidas Originals Superstar. I love these shoes. I bought them from FootLocker. I can’t remember how much I paid for them but, they are $80 online. My best friend matched with me. If you guys like her pink silk jacket there is one similar on FashionNova. It is called “That New New Satin Jacket” in the color Dusty Pink. It is $39.99. I’m sorry I’m late posting this blog. I wanted to blog this on my birthday but I was extremely busy. I will be blogging again this weekend! I will be in Atlanta for the Drake & Migos concert. Stay tuned for my outfits! 🙂

Homecoming Weekend

I’m so sorry I’m behind on blogging. Welcome back to my blog guys! I will be blogging my outfits I wore for Homecoming. I went out Friday and Saturday night to a party with my boyfriend. I chose to be a little casual Friday and dressy Saturday. The first outfit I wore on Friday night was a Thrasher shirt, leather skirt, and black heels. The Thrasher shirt is a plain shirt with the word “Thrasher” in flames. I got the shirt at Zumiez in Park Plaza Mall. The shirt was $24.95. The leather skirt is from Forever 21. It’s called the “Zip-Front Faux Leather Skirt” for $28. I wore the skirt backward.

I didn’t like the zipper being in the front of the skirt. The heels are called “NeNe Black Suede Lace-Up Heels” for $37. I paid $53.80 because I did a 1-2 day shipping. I bought them on Lulus.com. They have a lot of cute heels on their website. They are comfortable but the longer you wear them they will hurt your feet. My boyfriend and I decided to match with our shirts lol. On Saturday night I wore a black lace romper with the same black heels. The romper is from Fashion Nova called “Peria Lace Romper” for $29.99. My boyfriend and I matched again Saturday night too lol. We both wore black but sadly, we didn’t take any pictures from Saturday night. The romper is very cute but I dislike the cleavage area. I wish there was a third button to help the cleavage area from showing too much. It was cold Saturday night and I wish I would’ve worn a jacket because I was freezing lol. If you girls like this romper I would suggest getting fashion tape to help with the cleavage. Overall, I enjoyed Homecoming. Hope you guys like my outfits!

Wedding Attire

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I’m currently in Memphis for my cousin’s wedding. This is the outfit that I chose to wear. I am wearing a Plush Mock Neck Top in the color Cream. I bought it from Forever 21. It is $12.90. The only thing I dislike about this top is it’s extremely short. It is on sale on Forever 21’s website for $8. In my opinion, it’s a crop top. I am wearing a Corduroy Overall Dress along with my top. It is in the color Dusty Pink. It is from Forever 21 as well. It is $24.90. This overall dress is perfect for fall. You can style it with a long sleeve & boots too. It is short. I am tall so I expected it to be short on me. I like how this dress has pockets in the front and back. It does get wrinkled easily but, overall, I like it. My shoes are from Fashion Nova. They are called “The Glass Slipper” in Transparent. They are $24.99. I have a lot of dislikes on these shoes. They are not comfortable. My feet were hurting in an hour. My feet kept sliding in the heels. I stopped every minute to fix my heels. I immediately took my shoes off at the wedding lol. I wanted to include a cute, nude gold chain purse with it but, I couldn’t find one in Memphis. Hope you guys liked my outfit. I will continue to enjoy the rest of my night in Memphis!!! Next blog will be on my jackets for the fall!


Hey guys! I decided to do an OOTD for my blog. Today was a relaxed Sunday. I came up with this cute, simple look for the day. I love this jacket. It’s pretty thick. The only bad thing about this jacket is the rings on the sleeves do come apart. This jacket is a little oversized. If you all are thinking about purchasing it, I would suggest doing down a size. I got this jacket online from Fashion Nova. It’s called the “One I Want” Denim Jacket. It is a little expensive. It is $39.99. The dress is from Fashion Nova too. This dress is very comfortable and stretchy. It. has a second layer underneath it. I can’t remember how much I paid for it. There is a dress on their website that is similar to mine for $14.99. It is called the “Needy Midi Dress”. My shoes are Vans “Old Skool” Platforms. I ordered them online on Zappos. I bought them for $50. Now they are $65 on their website. I love these shoes. Platform shoes are my favorite. I bought my crossbody bag online from Shein. It’s really cute but, the inside reminds me of a lunchbox lol. It’s really cheap. I bought it online for $10. I hope you guys like my outfit for the day! Next blog I will show you guys all my jackets for the Fall!